DJ King Shariff


Kate Olthoff


Indianapolis native Kate Olthoff was discovered on Instagram by a model scout when she was just 17 years old. Since moving to New York City she has worked for brands such as Steve Madden, Calvin Klein, Coach, Reem Acra, and French Connection and can be seen in publications such as Nylon, Elle UK, and V Magazine. Kate appears in the S/S 2018 Pt. 1 look book where she modeled and provided creative direction.

Max Unterhaslberger


Max Unterhaslberger is an artist attending SAIC for studio art: Painting. Working in murals for the past ten years and is currently working towards instructing at a High risk youth center in Chicago. Primarily working in abstraction with an emphasis in pattern, unconscious form and calligraphy. His background is in graffiti and an artistic upbringing from is figurative painting mother and German father who specialized in film photography.

Eston Baumer


Eston Baumer is a freelance artist from the Indianapolis area. He focuses on street photography and the urban landscape. Eston has shot many lookbooks for naptown as well as been an avid supporter.

Kelsie Herron


Soft Hoagie Rolls


Soft Hoagie Rolls is a group of Native Florida skateboarders publishing videos, zines, and clothing. Ran by Jacob Campbell, the group has held many public events; skate contests, giveaways, art shows, and film screenings. They reside in St. Pete, FL and can be seen roaming the streets skating anything from ditches to their own personal flatground spot called Vinoy.

Jacob the creator of SHR is most well know for his eclectic styled drawings. Often made from sharpies on scrap sheets of paper, but also expanding to spray paint on walls. These illustrations are often encopmpassed by text that narrate the work and ask questions of extenstence, purpose, and intentionality.

Jessica Ticchio


Jessica Ticchio is a multidisciplinary creative, working across the fields of graphic design, illustration, 35mm photography and 3D. Her illustrative work aims to stretch the concept of reality; playing with the fine line between the real and surreal.

The DOUBLE VISION longsleeve shirt is part of the project "MELT", a series exploring this concept of stretching reality through illustrations that upon first glance appear realistic, but are often distorted or unfinished.

Matt Barnes


A graphic designer from Brooklyn, New York. Specializing in branding, web design, editorial, and dabbles in type design. Currently working as a director at Funeral, a curator at USBYUS, and a founding member of the KFC moped club.